The VTA Rail System is a commuter rail network in The City of Vetriver. It is operated by the Vetriver Transit Authority (VTA). As of current the VTA System has 9 stations, including one in The City of Centura in Reyida.

History Edit

The Vetriver Transit Authority was established to handle a mass transit system in the City of Vetriver by the Vetriver city council. The first proposed idea was the Vetriver Subway Network. A similar idea to the underground network in use in Reyida by the RTA. This idea was scraped however as they found the costs and time to construct an underground network wouldn't be worth it in the end. The first actual attempt at a commuter network was an elevated rail system. The elevated rail system would run lines throughout the city. A portion of this elevated rail still exists, and makes up the Centura Station, Riverside TRF Station, and Downtown Station. A line was suppose to continue further from the Downtown Station into the rest of the city, however after some work and decisions, it was decided the space wasn't there to build more stations without destroying more buildings. The line that was suppose to go over Goldwinn St. was then removed.

However, the decision to make a ground rail network for the rest of the city was more cost effective, time efficient and made more sense in the long run. It would also extend further out to the suburbs and the villages further out of the city.

The first station built after the decisions was the Lake Park Station, which would then extend further to Commack, and then Aberdeen, to create the Blue Line.

The VTA System will eventually expand even further. The Green Line Loop was recently completed. Connecting the Lake Park Station back up with the Downtown Station, with stops in Dousman, Dempster, and Hannover Park. After the line leaves Hannover Park, it goes back up on elevated rail back into downtown.

Lines Edit

  • Blue Line - Running East and West.

Downtown, Riverside TRF, Lake Park TRF, Commack, Aberdeen TRF, Allenton(under construction).

  • Red Line - Running from Vetriver to Centura, RYA.

Riverside TRF, Centura.

  • Green Line - Loops Lake Park back to Downtown.

Lake Park TRF, Dousman, Dempster, Hannover Park.

  • Orange Line - Running from Aberdeen to Larsen.

Aberdeen TRF, Larsen.

TRF Stations Edit

Stations that have "TRF" in the name are "Transfer Stations". TRF Stations are stations in which have more than one line running through/to them. Transfer Stations are used so that individuals can get to other parts of the city where their line may not run, but another does. Such as someone traveling from Centura to Dousman in Vetriver. They would take the Red Line to the Riverside TRF Station, transfer to the blue line, take that to the Lake Park TRF Station, and then transfer to the Green Line to Dousman. There are only two current TRF Stations; Riverside TRF and Lake Park TRF. There are more TRF Stations planned with the expansion plan in the future.

Future ExpansionEdit

VTA have announced they are working on expanding the system. Recently completed was the Green Line. The Green Line loops Lake Park back to Downtown, via the southern neighbourhoods of Dousman, Dempster, and Hannover Park.

Currently under construction is the blue-line extension to Allenton. Recently completed was the Orange-Line.

System Map Edit

(Not shown yet, the Orange-Line)

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