The Sheyda Corporation is the head company in charge of its two subdivisions, Sheyda Controls, and Sheyda Labratories. The company was founded by Thomas Sheyda, as simply Sheyda Controls, but later expanded.

History Edit

Sheyda Controls was founded when Thomas Sheyda started researching restone wiring, and began installing them for companies and people around Centura. Thomas then founded Sheyda Controls, Inc and set up an office in downtown Centura.

Sheyda Controls then became the largest company in Etchnion for some time, installing all advanced systems for most of all the buildings in the area.

Thomas moved the company out of the small office, to their own building in downtown Centura, called the Sheyda Tower. A few months later Thomas purchased a large amount of land just east of the Village of Addison. This land was then raised and flattened. This area was renamed "Sheyda Testing Grounds". There they tested around with elements and restone for future development.

Recently, however, Sheyda Controls, Inc was purchased by Darren Henley and then renamed Sheyda Corporation. And split the company into Sheyda Controls, and Sheyda Laboratories.

Darren Henley Purchase Edit

Up until now Sheyda Controls was operated by it's founded, Thomas Sheyda. Thomas though agreed to sell his company for an undisclosed amount of money.

Darren then renamed Sheyda Controls, Inc. to the Sheyda Corporation, and then adding the subdivisions of Sheyda Controls and Sheyda Laboratories. Sheyda Testing Grounds would then become guarded off, and heavily protected and the home to Sheyda Laboratories. A large 5-story building was then built on the property. All information about the area and what they do are top secret and not much is known. The building has a 5-story tower, and large 3-story bay in the back assumed to be a large warehouse for testing private experiments. A lot of conspiracy theories around the area have sparked due to its secrecy.

Darren has been known for being eccentric and large about everything he does. Darren is quite wealthy and flashes it around. His mansion was recently completed in the Dempster Neighbourhood of Vetriver, and is a large quartz mansion all to himself. He has brought fourth new plans for the new Sheyda Corp headquarters, and all the plans are for the largest and tallest building ever planned. Darren has made attempts in applying for his own postal code in Reyida and Senja.