Sector Express is a parcal/mail delivery service serving the entire Etchnion Sector, hense its name of "Sector Express."

History Edit

Sector Express was founded in Vetriver when it was still a village and started booming. Sector Express simply started out as a "out of home" operation because it began operating out of founder's, Jeremy Call's, home in Vetriver. Jeremy at one point was the only employee and running 200-300 packages alone per day.

Eventually this became to much for one person and a small home, so Jeremy moved his operations to an office space in Downtown Vetriver and hired a few more employees. Their operation grew from 1,000+ parcels a day operation.

Jeremy then purchased property in the norther area of the city on Route 9, and built a large "hub". It has retail customer facing entereance for customers to come and ship and pickup packages. And in the back was the warehouse hub for the operations. The customer facing area is called the "Ship Center."

"We are looking to expand for our customers and to great-ify our shipping network. And to do that we must expand our locations to connect with our customers and to be at a better connivence for them. And so I am announcing locations in Centura, which is already under construction, the northern Reyida villages of Addison, and Adrian. In addition to those 3 planned locations, we are also planning an additional retail location within the city of Vetriver." -Jeremy Call at a press conference.

Sector Express aims to have convenient locations within all communities. Four locations are within the city of Vetriver itself, one being the main hub for the company. A secondary hub, which is bigger than the main, was recently built in Commack's Industrial Park making two locations in Commack as well. Their are Sector Express locations in each community in Reyida as well. A location in Centura, as well as Helvalon. The Reyida hub is located in Addison, and a location is in Adrian as well. The Reyida hub is getting to small, and Sector Express is looking the construct a larger hub soon.

Locations Edit

Vetriver - Main

Main Hub & Ship Centre

747 Route 9

Vetriver, SJA 7AS05

Vetriver - Downtown

Ship Centre

702 Route 9

Vetriver, SJA 7AS05

Vetriver - Lake Park

Ship Centre

790 Grand Mall Ave, STE A102

Vetriver, SJA 7AS06

Vetriver - Avas Hotel & Convention Center

Ship Centre

723 Harmony Ave, Room 100

Vetriver, SJA 7AS05


Ship Centre

504 Route 14

Aberdeen, SJA 7AS07


Ship Centre

903 Freemont Ave

Commack, SJA 7AS03

Commack - Industrial Park

Ship Centre & Secondary Hub

923 Hopps Ln

Commack, SJA 7AS03


Ship Centre

7729 Chenta St STE 101

Centura, RYA 7AR01


Ship Centre

5523 Route 5

Addison, RYA 7AR03


Ship Centre & Reyida Hub

4412 Industrial Way

Adrian, RYA 7AR04


Ship Centre

8981 Colin Lp

Helvalon, RYA 7AR02