The Reyida & Senja Design Association is a group that critiques and judges building and structures within the districts of Reyida and Senja. They have offices in both Centura and Vetriver.

History Edit

The RSDA was established by Thomas Henrique. Thomas was originally the founder and CEO of architect firm, Henrique & Company. He later retired and founded RSDA with 5 other board members of the area, with great design and architectural knowledge. Shortly after they created the RSDA Design Awards. It was a prestige award, awarded to companies who design, or build structures around the Reyida or Senja Districts.

8 out of the 10 awards have been awarded to VazDrae Corporation buildings.

Award History Edit

Following buildings/Structures and companies have been awarded the RSDA Design Award since the it has been established.

  1. The Gold Tower, Trenton Inc. Centura, RYA
  2. The Centura Tower, VazDrae Corporation. Centura, RYA
  3. Adrian Village Hall, VazDrae Corporation, Adrian, RYA
  4. The Avas Hotel and Convention Centre, VazDrae Corporation. Vetriver, SJA
  5. The Avas Hotel and Convention Centre, VazDrae Corporation. Vetriver, SJA
  6. Avant Headquarters Building, VazDrae Corporation. Vetriver, SJA
  7. Sheyda Controls Tower, Wenton & Briggs. Centura, RYA
  8. Adrian Centre Shops, VazDrae Corporation, Adrian, RYA
  9. Vetriver Grand Mall, VazDrae Corporation. Vetriver, SJA
  10. Pyare Square, VazDrae Corporation, Vetriver, SJA

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