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Looking up the Psilos Tower.

The Psilos Tower was an ultra-tall skyscraper in The City of Centura. It was the tallest building in the Etchnion Zone. The tower, suffered from having little to no tenants, and the city considered it an eyesore.

History Edit

During Centura's business boom, many towers were being constructed in Downtown Centura. Many just because they could. Many, however, eventually became occupied with businesses or residents. The Psilos Tower was built in attempts to see how tall they could build. It had a very simple, and controversially "boring" look.

The name was suppose to mean "infinite" talking about the huge height. However, the word "psilos" means "bear/naked" often refereed to as peasant people. The mistake was later found out but nothing was done to change it.

At the time of its construction it had a good handful of business offices inside it. However, over the years all have left. Leaving the tower empty.

The building was 233 bl tall, making it once the tallest building in the Etchnion Zone.

The building struggled with finding tenants, and its owner, Trenton Properties, did not want to deal with the costs of operating it if no one wanted to occupy it. Many residents also considered the building an eyesore. Sticking out too much. It was also very bland, being all plain white with no features. The building was demolished.