Ned's Pub is a chain of classic pub restaurants. It is based out of Commack, Senja and currently has six locations. Three of the six locations are in Vetriver.

History Edit

Ned's Pub was founded by Ned Halmond. The first location was in the Riverside Neighbourhood of Vetriver. Ned decided to rent out the retail space in the newly built 784/785/786 Route 9 building to the left of the NBS of Riverside branch location. Ned wanted a laid back no nonsense pub joint, with the main focus on the bar. Ned also only uses low lit redstone lighting to keep with the laid back setting.

The Riverside location was the only location for a long time, until Ned's brother, Tyler, showed interest in franchising the location and convincing him to let him run another location. Ned agreed to this, and Tyler then purchased the old Aberdeen VTA Train Station building in Aberdeen, Senja and converted it into a Ned's Pub, using the old station platform as an outdoor patio/ beer garden.

This trend of franchising in family continued for Ned's Pub when Ned's sister Tanya confronted him about opening another location within the City of Vetriver. This plan went through and Tanya rented the largest location in the 814 Route 9 building in Hannover Park, making them the first tenant in this building.

Another addition in Vetriver was again by Tyler, when he built a new building in the Lake Park Neighbourhood along Goldwinn St.

Ned himself, recently, opened a location within the City of Centura, and plans another in the Village of Addison to steak some ground in the Reyida District. About half a year later, when the Centura Square was built in Helvalon, Ned again rented out the largest space and installed the second Ned's Pub within the Reyida District. Ned owns and manages the original Riverside location, along with the Centura, Helvalon, and Commack locations.

The company Ned's Pub Restaurants, LLC. was recently formed to handle the business and the franchising system. They are headquartered in Commack, a suburb of Vetriver. Located at 908 Freemont Ave Commack, SJA 7AS06 STE 201.

Locations Edit

Riverside - Original

785 Route 9

Vetriver, SJA 7AS01

Hannover Park

814 Route 9, STE 102

Vetriver, SJA 7AS05

Lake Park

828 Goldwinn St

Vetriver, SJA 7AS06


511 Merill St

Aberdeen, SJA 7AS06


7734 Vestege St

Centura, RYA 7AR01


920 Freemont Ave

Commack, SJA 7AS03


8978 Route 2

Helvalon, RYA 7AR02

Addison - Coming Soon!