The National Bank of Senja (NBS) is a national bank chain based in Vetriver, Senja . NBS was founded as simply the Bank of Senja in the early years of Vetriver. The Bank of Senja then slowly expanded around the area and into the Reyida District, then becoming the National Bank of Senja.

History Edit

When Vetriver was just a small village, the Bank of Senja was founded in a small commerical building on the Original Old Route 1 though the village, serving the Vetriver area. As only a small few chain banks existed in the area, mainly Centura, the Bank of Senja saw an opportunity.

The Bank of Senja then expanded into the City of Centura in the Reyida District, then coming the National Bank of Senja, or NBS or short. NBS' client base doubled, and tripled as the Vetriver grew into a large city.

The National Bank of Senja then expanded north into the Village of Addison , and have announced plans for a branch in the Village of Adrian . They are currently the largest bank in the Sector, and are now based out of a large tower, NBS Tower, on The Pointe on Rex Blvd in downtown Vetriver.

NBS has a large presence in the Reyida District, despite being the "Bank of Senja". They started their first branch, as mentioned above, in Centura with a single location. Then then expanded to the further out villages of Addison and Adrian. Recently, they built a location in Helvalon, marking the second NBS in the Greater Centura area. A second location within the City of Centura is planned to be built around the Hillview Neighbourhood.


  • Vetriver, Senja [HQ building]
  • Downtown, Vetriver, Senja
  • Riverside, Vetriver, Senja
  • Dousman, Vetriver, Senja
  • Dempster,Vetriver, Senja (Coming Soon)
  • Commack, Senja
  • Aberdeen, Senja
  • Downtown, Centura, Reyida
  • Hillview, Centura, Reyida (Coming Soon)
  • Helvalon, Reyida
  • Addison, Reyida
  • Adrian, Reyida