A list of the 15 tallest buildings. All fifteen are located in the two largest cities in Etchnion, Vetriver and Centura.

The tallest building ever built was the Psilos Tower at 233 bl tall (over 100bl taller than the current tallest), however it suffered from no occupancy and design issues, and was recently demolished.

# Building Name Height in blocks (bl) City Region
1 Eclipse View Tower 106 bl Centura Reyida
2 The Plaza Tower 102 bl Vetriver Senja
3 Rex Building 93 bl Vetriver Senja
4 Centura Tower 84 bl Centura Reyida
5 793 Harmony Ave 83 bl Vetriver Senja
6 VazDrae Tower 72 bl Centura Reyida
7 The Pointe Tower 70 bl Vetriver Senja
8 Reyida Tower 62 bl Centura Reyida
9 703 Sainsbury 53 bl Vetriver Senja
10 Vetriver Tower 48 bl Vetriver Senja
10 7729 Samos St 48 bl Centura Reyida
11 Centrios Building 39 bl Centura Reyida
11 Trenton Tower 39 bl Centura Reyida
12 Senja Capitol Building 38 bl Vetriver Senja
13 NBS Tower 37 bl Vetriver Senja
13 Woodcrest Condos 37 bl Centura Reyida
14 Pyare Sqaure 36 bl Vetriver Senja
15 732 Redding 35 bl Vetriver Senja

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