Hoyt Park is a neighbourhood of the City of Vetriver. It is the youngest neighbourhood, being recently added in a new development in the north-east end of the city just east of Riverside and of Route 9, thus expanding Vetriver City bounderies further east. 


In a project to expand the city even further the City of Vetriver purchased land from the District of Senja just east of Route 9, and north and east of the Riverside neighbourhood. The City had been planning an expansion project that wasn't on the west end of the city where the vast majority of the expansion is happening. 

So the land was purchased and the streets were plotted out. Melvin Rd was expanded east of Route 9, along with Ridgeside Dr, however the Hoyt Park section of Ridgeside Dr was renamed to Barton St, to better suit the land it was on as it felt Ridgeside Dr did not sound right in the Hoyt Park section. A new street was created running north and south, connecting Melvin Rd and Barton St, this was Hoyt Blvd. Hoyt Blvd would then connect to Route 9 in the north, and then in the south it dead-ends right and becomes Sandover Pt. Along with those street additions, Tundra Dr was expanded east to connect with Hoyt Blvd. This created a grid-patterned neighbourhood, as part of Vetriver's plan to keep more urbanization going on. 

A section of elevated VTA Rail runs through the neighbourhood, as well as goes underground there. 

Hoyt Park is still very young and being developed as of right now. Only a few homes and one commercial building exist as of now.

The Hoyt Park Neighbourhood Association office is located at: 874 Route 9 STE 202.

Hoyt Park Neighbourhood Plan Map

On the left is a map of the Hoyt Park neighbourhood map showing the streets running within the neighbourhood.