HK Bennet is a department store in the City of Vetriver at the Vetriver Grand Mall. HK Bennet is currently a single store, but talks of expanding into Centura have been of talk. The store is named after its founder, Harold Kent Bennet.

History Edit

HK Bennet has its origins at the store called Harold's Resale Clothing. Harold's was founded by Harold Kent Bennet when he purchased retail location within the newly opened Bay Plaza. He would purchase used or take gently used donations and resale clothing at a discounted price. This business did well for Harold.

When he heard about the construction of the Vetriver Grand Mall, Harold put in for an anchor space for his new store concept, HK Bennet. A department store. Selling new clothing and accessories for men and women as well as household items.

The HK Bennet was the first anchor store to the mall, and is also the largest. And is due to open soon.