2014-01-25 19.47.24

Entering Camden, currently, the only two buildings are visible.

Camden is a neighbourhood of the City of Centura. It is the newest of the neighbourhoods. It is located on the newly restored Ursan Peninsula which was previously removed for unknown reasons. Camden also has the lowest income out of the subdivisions, however crime is not a worry eaither. 


Camden is the newst founded neighbourhood of Centura, being founded within the past year. Camden is located on the Ursan Isthmus. Historically the Ursan Isthmus was always thier, but for some unknown reason the Isthmus was blow out making the City of Centura on an island, thus creating Ursand Island. However just recently a restoration project becan to rebuild the isthmus and bring Ursan back to an penninsula state. On doing this the neighbourhood of Camden was founded on the land that is now the restored Isthmus. Being so new, only a few buildings exist in Camden currently. A home and a low-income apartment building, causing the subdivisions low-income status.