Bryn Medical is a medical technology company based out of Commack, Senja. Bryn Medical was founded by Howard Bryn in the City of Vetriver. Their major partner is large medical centres in Senja and Reyida, most notable, the Vetriver Medical Centre.


Howard Bryn moved to the growing Village of Vetriver early on and founded his company, The Bryn Company. Howard had a profession in medical tools. He started off creating medical parts and tools for local companies. He orignally contracted with other manufacturing plants to produce his products.

Howard then expanded his medical tools and equipment to producing and manufacturing them himself in the City of Vetriver, and then renamed to Bryn Medical.

Bryn Medical then moved into two suites in the Pointe Tower in Downtown Vetriver.

Bryn Medical was heavily envolved in the construction and development of the Vetriver Area Medical Centre, in which they own a steak in and provide many tools and equipment for.

Recently, Howard moved his company to its own building. In the newly founded suburb of Vetriver, Commack. There, they are constructing a 5-story tower to house his company. Thus doing so, exploding Commack's economy.