Beer-N-Bellies is a chain of bars and all-you-can-eat restaurants that ironically encourage the beer belly look. Severing all-you-can-eat style buffet food, including many not-so-healthy food options. They currently have two locations, the original location in Commack, and now one in downtown Vetriver.

History Edit

Beer-N-Bellies founder Darren Helstein is actually a fairly in-shape person, but has what they refer to as a "muscle gut". Darren has won a fair amount of eating competitions, and had been saving up to open up his own restaurant to do the opposite trend of healthy eating open up a place to gorge as he calls it. So, finally Darrent purchased an open lot in Commack's newly developing Research Park and built his first location. The building is designed for large in mind, all doorways are double-wide, including many large booths to sit at. The locations focus on drinking a lot of beer at the bar and eating a lot at the buffet. The locations have signs ironically encouraging to eat more and more. The chain's slogan is "You Have To Eat Big, To Get Big."

Darren had this to say on his ideas: "Everything is healthy this, healthy that. Some of us don't want that, so when you want to eat unhealthy, maybe grow a beer belly, then come down to Beer-N-Bellies, we'll fill you up!"

Darren just opened his second location in Downtown Vetriver, where the former above ground VTA Station once was.

Locations Edit


976 Hill Valley Pkwy

Commack, SJA 7AS03


855 Farnell St

Vetriver, SJA 7AS05

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